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We are a fully online-based tutoring platform that allows you to work from anywhere.

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No fixed times or minimum hours, you decide!

Work directly with your students

Our platform allows you to connect 1-on-1 with your students using our built-in virtual whiteboard, live chat, and video call.

Reach students internationally

Extend your reach to potential students through posts and active engagement on our site and our social media platforms!

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Our partner payment gateways ensure secure and timely payments

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Questions? We Have Answers

How do I become a tutor on LYRNI?

You must register on the "Apply to Teach" page, fill out our application form, and we will contact you if you qualify.

What qualifications is LYRNI looking for?

LYRNI is looking for highly qualified educators in a variety of subjects and teaching levels with a flexible schedule, who have experience with working remotely, and a passion for learning.

Is an interview required?

Yes, we at LYRNI are very selective with the tutors we approve on our platform and an interview is part of our selection process.

How do I get paid for the classes I teach?

Once you get approved as a tutor, we will send you a link to LYRNI's tutor agreement and payment terms.

Can I reach out to students before/after lessons?

All communications must be done through LYRNI's platform. You must not exchange any personal emails, phone numbers, or social media profiles with students. You can use the messaging function through by dashboard to communicate when a lesson is not in place.

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